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Thanks for showing up here! I have not tested the test the patch,
those comments are based on what I read from v17.

>>> Do we always need extra two bytes for compressed backup block?
>>> ISTM that extra bytes are not necessary when the hole length is zero.
>>> In this case the length of the original backup block (i.e.,
>>> uncompressed) must be BLCKSZ, so we don't need to save the original
>>> size in the extra bytes.
>>Yes, we would need a additional bit to identify that. We could steal it from 
>>length in XLogRecordBlockImageHeader.
> This is implemented in the attached patch by dividing length field as follows,
>         uint16  length:15,
>                 with_hole:1;

IMO, we should add details about how this new field is used in the
comments on top of XLogRecordBlockImageHeader, meaning that when a
page hole is present we use the compression info structure and when
there is no hole, we are sure that the FPW raw length is BLCKSZ
meaning that the two bytes of the CompressionInfo stuff is

>>"2" should be replaced with the macro variable indicating the size of
>>extra header for compressed backup block.
> Macro SizeOfXLogRecordBlockImageCompressionInfo is used instead of 2
>>You can refactor XLogCompressBackupBlock() and move all the
>>above code to it for more simplicity
> This is also implemented in the patch attached.

This portion looks correct to me.

A couple of other comments:
1) Nitpicky but, code format is sometimes strange.
For example here you should not have a space between the function
definition and the variable declarations:
+    int orig_len = BLCKSZ - hole_length;
This is as well incorrect in two places:
if(hole_length != 0)
There should be a space between the if and its condition in parenthesis.
2) For correctness with_hole should be set even for uncompressed
pages. I think that we should as well use it for sanity checks in
xlogreader.c when decoding records.


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