Thank you for reviewing and testing the patch.

>+       /* leave if data cannot be compressed */
>+       if (compressed_len == 0)
>+               return false;
>This should be < 0, pglz_compress returns -1 when compression fails.
>+               if (pglz_decompress(block_image, bkpb->bkp_len, 
>bkpb->bkp_uncompress_len) == 0)
>Similarly, this should be < 0.

These have been corrected in the attached.

>Regarding the sanity checks that have been added recently. I think that they 
>are useful but I am suspecting as well that only a check on the record CRC is 
>done because that's reliable enough and not doing those checks accelerates a 
>bit replay. So I am thinking that we should simply replace >them by assertions.
Removing the checks makes sense as CRC ensures correctness . Moreover ,as error 
message for invalid length of record is present in the code , messages for 
invalid block length can be redundant.
Checks have been replaced by assertions in the attached patch.

Following if  condition in XLogCompressBackupBlock has been modified as follows

+          * We recheck the actual size even if pglz_compress() reports success 
+          * see if at least 2 bytes of length have been saved, as this 
+          * to the additional amount of data stored in WAL record for a 
+          * block via raw_length when block contains hole..
+          */
+          *len = (uint16) compressed_len;
+          if (*len >= orig_len - SizeOfXLogRecordBlockImageCompressionInfo)
+                      return false;
+          return true;

if ((hole_length != 0) &&
+                      (*len >= orig_len - 
+          return false;
+return true

This is because the extra information raw_length is included only if compressed 
block has hole in it.

>Once we get those small issues fixes, I think that it is with having a 
>committer look at this patch, presumably Fujii-san
Agree. I will mark this patch as ready for committer

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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