On 13.2.2015 16:20, Teodor Sigaev wrote:
> Some of users of intarray contrib module wish to use its features
> with another kind of arrays, not only for int4 type. Suggested
> module generalizes intarray over other (not all) types op pgsql.
> Anyarray also provides a calculation of similarity two one
> dimensinal arrays similar to smlar module. Anyarray module doesn't
> provide an something similar to query_int feature of intarray,
> because this feature is very hard to implement (it requires new
> pseudo-type anyquery), it is close to impossible to have operation
> extensibility and it's complicated queries are hidden from pgsql's
> optimizer (like to jsquery). As far I know, query_int isn't very
> popular for now.

Hi Teodor,

I started reviewing this patch today - first of all, kudos for having
944kB of regression tests in 1MB patch ;-)

I've noticed two unrelated files


I suppose that's not intentional, right?

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