Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> On 2/13/15 10:20 AM, Teodor Sigaev wrote:
>> Some of users of intarray contrib module wish to use its features with
>> another kind of arrays, not only for int4 type. Suggested module
>> generalizes intarray over other (not all) types op pgsql.

> I think this module should be merged with the intarray module.  Having
> two modules with very similar functionality would be confusing.

Perhaps.  I think it would be hard to remove intarray without breaking
things for existing users of it; even if the functionality remains under
another name.  And surely we don't want to generalize intarray while
keeping that same name.  So it might be hard to get to a clean solution.

Speaking of names, I can't avoid the feeling that it is a seriously bad
idea to name an extension the same thing as an existing core type.

                        regards, tom lane

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