Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> When commit cae565e503 introduced FDW user mappings, it used this in
> getObjectDescription for them:
>       appendStringInfo(&buffer, _("user mapping for %s"), usename);

> This was later mostly copied (by yours truly) as object identity by
> commit f8348ea32e wherein I used this:
>       appendStringInfo(&buffer, "%s", usename);

> As it turns out, this is wrong, because the pg_user_mapping catalog has
> a two-column "primary key" which is user OID and server OID.  Therefore
> it seems to me that the correct object description and identity must
> include both username and server name.  I propose we change the above to
> this:

>       appendStringInfo(&buffer, _("user mapping for %s in server %s"), 
> usename,
>                                srv->servername);

+1 for the concept, but to be nitpicky, "in" doesn't seem like the right
word here.  "on server" would read better to me; or perhaps "at server".

                        regards, tom lane

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