That is a truly horrifying abuse of command-line arguments.  -1 from
me, or minus more than one if I've got that many chits to burn.

Are you against the -w, or against saying that pgbench execute scripts,
whether internal or from files?

I'm against the idea that we accept multiple arguments for scripts,

Pgbench *currently* already accept multiple "-f ..." options, and this is a good thing to test realistic loads which may intermix several kind of transactions, say a lot of readonly and some update or insert, and very rare deletes...

Now if you do not need it you do not use it, and all is fine. Once you have several scripts, being able to "weight" them becomes useful for realism.

and that a subsequent -w modifies the meaning of the script-specifiying argument already read. That strikes me as a very unintuitive interface.

Ok, I understand this "afterward modification" objection.

What if the -w would be required *before*, and supply a weight for (the first/maybe all) script(s) specified *afterwards*, so it does not modify something already provided? I think it would be more intuitive, or at least less surprising.

I'm not sure exactly what would be better at the moment, but I think we need something better.

Maybe -f file.sql:weight (yuk from my point of view, but it can be done easily).


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