On 07/21/2015 09:29 AM, Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Maybe -f file.sql:weight (yuk from my point of view, but it can be done
> easily).

Maybe it's past time for pgbench to have a config file?

Given that we want to define some per-workload options, the config file
would probably need to be YAML or JSON, e.g.:

pgbench --config=workload1.pgb


database: bench
port: 5432
host: localhost
user: josh
clients : 16
threads : 4
response-times : on
stats-level: script
        file: script1.bench
        weight: 3
        file: script2.bench
        weight: 1
the above would execute a pgbench with 16 clients, 4 threads, "script1"
three times as often as script2, and report stats at the script (rather
than SQL statement) level.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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