Hello Josh,

Maybe -f file.sql:weight (yuk from my point of view, but it can be done

Maybe it's past time for pgbench to have a config file?

That is an idea. For "simple" usage, for backward compatibility and for people like me who like them, ISTM that options are fine too:-)

Also this may mean adding a dependency to some YAML library, configure issues (I'm not sure whether pg currently uses YAML, and JSON is quite verbose), maybe conditionals around the feature to compile without the dependency, more documentation...

I'm not sure all that is desirable just for weighting scripts.

Given that we want to define some per-workload options, the config file
would probably need to be YAML or JSON, e.g.:


        file: script1.bench
        weight: 3
        file: script2.bench
        weight: 1

the above would execute a pgbench with 16 clients, 4 threads, "script1"
three times as often as script2, and report stats at the script (rather
than SQL statement) level.

Yep. Probably numbering within field names should be avoided, so a list of records that could look like:

 - file: foo1.sql
   weight: 9
 - file: foo2.sql
 - internal: tpc-b
   weight: 2


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