Please find attached updated VACUUM progress checker patch.
Following have been accomplished in the patch

1. Accounts for index pages count while calculating  total progress of VACUUM.
2. Common location for storing progress parameters for any command. Idea is 
every command which needs to report progress can populate and interpret the 
shared variables in its own way.
     Each can display progress by implementing separate views.
3. Separate VACUUM progress view to display various progress parameters has 
been implemented . Progress of various phases like heap scan, index scan, total 
pages scanned along with 
    completion percentage is reported.
4.This view can display progress for all active backends running VACUUM.

Basic testing has been performed. Thorough testing is yet to be done. Marking 
it as Needs Review in  Sept-Commitfest.

Display count of heap pages actually vacuumed(marking line pointers unused)
Display percentage of work_mem being used to store dead tuples.

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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