Hello Thom,

>Okay, I've just tested this with a newly-loaded table (1,252,973 of jsonb 
Thanks a lot!

>but after it's finished, I end up with this:
>json=# select * from pg_stat_vacuum_progress;
>-[ RECORD 1 ]-------+-------
>pid                 | 5569
>total_pages         | 217941
>scanned_pages       | 175243
>total_heap_pages    | 175243
>scanned_heap_pages  | 175243
>total_index_pages   | 42698
>scanned_index_pages | 
>percent_complete    | 80
>This was running with a VACUUM ANALYZE.  This output seems to suggest that it 
>didn't complete.

Ok. The patch fails here because 'total pages to be scanned' takes into account 
index pages and no index pages are actually scanned. 
So the scanned pages count does not reach total pages count . I will fix this. 
It seems that no index pages were scanned during this  because there were no 
dead tuples to be cleaned as the table was newly loaded.

>After, I ran VACUUM FULL.  pg_stat_vacuum_progress didn't change from before, 
>so that doesn't appear to show up in the view.
The scope of this patch is to report progress of basic VACUUM . It does not 
take into account VACUUM FULL yet.  I think this can be included after basic 
VACUUM progress is done.

>I then deleted 40,000 rows from my table, and ran VACUUM ANALYZE again.  This 
>time it progressed and percent_complete reached 100

Thank you,
Rahila Syed.

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