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> Hello Thom,
>>Okay, I've just tested this with a newly-loaded table (1,252,973 of jsonb 
> Thanks a lot!
>>but after it's finished, I end up with this:
>>json=# select * from pg_stat_vacuum_progress;
>>-[ RECORD 1 ]-------+-------
>>pid                 | 5569
>>total_pages         | 217941
>>scanned_pages       | 175243
>>total_heap_pages    | 175243
>>scanned_heap_pages  | 175243
>>total_index_pages   | 42698
>>scanned_index_pages |
>>percent_complete    | 80
>>This was running with a VACUUM ANALYZE.  This output seems to suggest that it 
>>didn't complete.
> Ok. The patch fails here because 'total pages to be scanned' takes into 
> account index pages and no index pages are actually scanned.
> So the scanned pages count does not reach total pages count . I will fix this.
> It seems that no index pages were scanned during this  because there were no 
> dead tuples to be cleaned as the table was newly loaded.
>>After, I ran VACUUM FULL.  pg_stat_vacuum_progress didn't change from before, 
>>so that doesn't appear to show up in the view.
> The scope of this patch is to report progress of basic VACUUM . It does not 
> take into account VACUUM FULL yet.  I think this can be included after basic 
> VACUUM progress is done.
>>I then deleted 40,000 rows from my table, and ran VACUUM ANALYZE again.  This 
>>time it progressed and percent_complete reached 100
> OK.

I tested this patch with some cases.
And the followings seems to be bug.

* After running "pgbench -i -s 100" and "VACUUM FREEZE
pgbench_accounts", the pg_stat_vacuum_progress is,

-[ RECORD 1 ]-------+-------
pid                 | 2298
total_pages         | 27422
scanned_pages       | 163935
total_heap_pages    |
scanned_heap_pages  | 163935
total_index_pages   | 27422
scanned_index_pages |
percent_complete    | 597

The value of percent_complete column exceeds 100%.
And, why are the total_heap_pages and scanned_index_pages columns NULL?

* Also, after dropping primary key of pgbench_accounts, I got
assertion error when I execute "VACUUM FREEZE pgbench_accounts".

=# VACUUM FREEZE pgbench_accounts;
ERROR:  floating-point exception
DETAIL:  An invalid floating-point operation was signaled. This
probably means an out-of-range result or an invalid operation, such as
division by zero.
STATEMENT:  vacuum freeze pgbench_accounts ;
TRAP: FailedAssertion("!((beentry->st_changecount & 1) == 0)", File:
"pgstat.c", Line: 2934)

* The progress of vacuum by autovacuum seems not to be displayed.


Masahiko Sawada

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