Tom Lane wrote:

Well, this is exactly the issue: someone would have to put substantial
amounts of time into update mechanisms and/or maintenance of obsolete
versions, as opposed to features, performance improvements, or bug

Personally, I feel that if we weren't working as hard as we could on
features/performance/bugfixes, the upgrade issue would be moot because
there wouldn't *be* any reason to upgrade. So I'm not planning to
redirect my priorities. But this is an open source project and every
developer gets to set their own priorities. If you can persuade someone
to put their time into that, go for it.

Do not under estimate the upgrade issue. I think it is huge and a LOT of people have problems with it. Personally, I never understood why the dump/restore needed to happen in the first place.

Can't the data and index file format be more rigidly defined and stuck too? Can't there just be some BKI process to add new data entries? I had the same issues with 7.1 and 7.2,

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