Serguei Mokhov wrote:
> > pg_upgrade does work, assuming there are no changes to the index or heap
> > file formats.  (However, I now need to update it for schemas.)  However,
> > the last time I worked on it for 7.2, no one was really interested in
> > testing it, so it never got done.  In fact, there was a bug in the
> > handling of clog or wal files, but I didn't find out about it until long
> > after 7.2 because no one was using it.
> I guess the main point here was to have co-existing versions of data
> in the /data dierectory and the sever be able to the talk to all of them,
> with an option to upgrade the data to the most recent format at some point.
> If it's done that way, there won't be much of a pain if at all to upgrade
> the server only and benifit from the general bug-fixes and general new features.
> The specific features that require more recent data models, will have to
> be tracked down, and dealt with if attempted for the older data model.

We have to update the system tables for each release, and that is going
to require something like pg_upgrade.  I don't see how we can avoid
that.  We could enable reading of old heap/index file formats if we
tried hard, but that still requires pg_upgrade to update the system

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