Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> There isn't any fundamental reason why we cannot have a pg_upgrade
> >> utility; claiming that there is something wrong with how we handle
> >> catalog changes misses the point.
> > pg_upgrade does work, assuming there are no changes to the index or heap
> > file formats.
> Does it really work?  I had thought that there were some issues
> associated with adjusting transaction numbers that couldn't be solved
> by pg_upgrade in its present shell-script form; I was anticipating that
> pg_upgrade would have to be rewritten as a C program so that it could
> get at stuff at the necessary low level.  I cannot recall the details
> right at the moment though.

It just needs to be able to create an empty clog file, I think.  You
actually gave me the steps, but weren't sure it would work, and it was
post-7.2 anyway, so I never did it.  The issue is that once we increment
the transaction log counter, we need to create the proper clog file.  I
didn't see in my testing because my testing db wasn't big enough.

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