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I'm not trolling in any way.  I'm just challenging you to back up your
blanket assertions with evidence.  For example, you're assertion that
mailing lists are insufficient is simply stated and expected to be
taken on faith: *How* is it insufficient and *what* do things like in
the new world?

I am short on time today but I will take this specific one:

Mailing lists are great for discourse however they do not:

1. Provide easy access to archived information
        Searching google isn't an answer it is a band-aid
2. Provide proper access to valid information
Ever get an answer, check the link, find out the solution references a 5 year old version of PostgreSQL and then find out the problem is fixed in the 9.4 but not 9.3. You are running 9.3.
        (an issue tracker could track this, easily)
3. Provide properly linked information across threads
        My favourite is this:
                SUBJECT: Help (was no longer wanting help)
        Now nothing makes sense on the thread. It should be a new issue.
4. Using a recent submission as an example:
j...@idealist.org just submitted 6 patches. They are all based around making basebackups more useful (specifically pg_basebackup). This is awesome, but he has created 6 different threads with different discussions which will likely cause intercommunication between threads.

Using an issue tracker the first patch would be a parent issue and the subsequent patches would be child issues (that whole dependency thing). A single click would provide all the information required to correctly determine what is going on with the series of interrelated patches. A mailing list does not provide that.

I could go on for a long time with specific examples that our current model does not serve.


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