On 10/01/2015 07:48 AM, Magnus Hagander wrote:

But using the bugtracker for the discussion itself is usually not a win.

I know you said usually but:

In fact, I'd say in most cases it's counterproductive because it forces
a single tool upon everybody, instead of email which allows each person
to pick their own favourite tool. Using a bugtracker where all
discussion happens in email removes that downside, and moves it back to
the state where it doesn't help but also doesn't hinder the communication.

This doesn't seem correct, roundup, debbugs, redmine, and rt all support email as the primary form of communication.

That would require people to actually use the bug form to submit the
initial thread as well of course - which most developers don't do
themselves today. But there is in itself nothing that prevents them from
doing that, of course - other than a Small Amount Of Extra Work.

It requires using a tracker somewhere within the email chain which would automatically assign an issue number to the email.



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