Peter Geoghegan <> writes:
> It would be nice to get this committed before the next point releases
> are tagged, since I've now heard a handful of complaints like this.

I'm not too impressed with this bit:
        /* Allocate buffer; beware that off_t might be wider than size_t */
-       if (stat.st_size <= MaxAllocSize)
+       if (stat.st_size <= SIZE_MAX)
                buf = (char *) malloc(stat.st_size);

because there are no, zero, not one uses of SIZE_MAX in our code today,
and I do not see such a symbol required by the POSIX v2 spec either.
Perhaps this will work, but you're asking us to introduce a brand new
portability hazard just hours before a wrap deadline.  That is not

Other than that, this seems roughly sane, though I've not read it in
detail or tested it.  Does anyone have an objection to trying to squeeze
in something along this line?

                        regards, tom lane

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