thanks a lot for your reply, unfortunately it's not working at all, I
run it as:

# java -jar apgdiff-2.4.jar <old-dump-from-pg_dump> <new-dump-from-pg_dump>

But it's stuck on the futex wait so unfortunately it didn't work at all.

Thanks for the reply anyway,

On 10/14/2015 01:53 PM, Иван Фролков wrote:
>> I would like to ask you whether is there any tool to be able to compare
>> database schemas ideally no matter what the column order is or to dump
>> database table with ascending order of all database columns.
> Take a look a tool called apgdiff http://apgdiff.com/
> Its development seems suspended, but it is still useful tool, except cases 
> with new features etc.
> Anyway, you could find bunch of forks at the github - I did support for 
> instead of triggers, other people did another options and so on

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