Hi guys,

I would like to ask you whether is there any tool to be able to compare
database schemas ideally no matter what the column order is or to dump
database table with ascending order of all database columns.

For example, if I have table (called table) in schema A and in schema B
(the time difference between is 1 week) and I would like to verify the
column names/types matches but the order is different, i.e.:

Schema A (2015-10-01) |  Schema B (2015-10-07)
id int                |  id int
name varchar(64)      |  name varchar(64)
text text             |  description text
description text      |  text text

Is there any tool to compare and (even in case above) return that both
tables match? Something like pgdiff or something?

This should work for all schemas, tables, functions, triggers and all
the schema components?

Also, is there any tool to accept 2 PgSQL dump files (source for
pg_restore) and compare the schemas of both in the way above?

Thanks a lot!

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