Hi Christopher,

thanks a lot for your suggestion however I need to run against dump
files so it's useless for me.

Thanks anyway,

On 10/13/2015 07:23 PM, Christopher Browne wrote:
> On 13 October 2015 at 11:48, Michal Novotny
> <michal.novo...@trustport.com <mailto:michal.novo...@trustport.com>> wrote:
>     Hi guys,
>     I would like to ask you whether is there any tool to be able to compare
>     database schemas ideally no matter what the column order is or to dump
>     database table with ascending order of all database columns.
>     For example, if I have table (called table) in schema A and in schema B
>     (the time difference between is 1 week) and I would like to verify the
>     column names/types matches but the order is different, i.e.:
>     Schema A (2015-10-01) |  Schema B (2015-10-07)
>                           |
>     id int                |  id int
>     name varchar(64)      |  name varchar(64)
>     text text             |  description text
>     description text      |  text text
>     Is there any tool to compare and (even in case above) return that both
>     tables match? Something like pgdiff or something?
>     This should work for all schemas, tables, functions, triggers and all
>     the schema components?
>     Also, is there any tool to accept 2 PgSQL dump files (source for
>     pg_restore) and compare the schemas of both in the way above?
>     Thanks a lot!
>     Michal
> I built a tool I call "pgcmp", which is out on GitHub
> <https://github.com/cbbrowne/pgcmp>
> The one thing that you mention that it *doesn't* consider is the
> ordering of columns.
> It would not be difficult at all to add that comparison; as simple as adding
> an extra capture of table columns and column #'s.  I'd be happy to consider
> adding that in.
> Note that pgcmp expects the database to be captured as databases; it
> pulls data
> from information_schema and such.  In order to run it against a pair of
> dumps,
> you'd need to load those dumps into databases, first.
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