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>> I guess since it'll be InvalidRepOriginId otherwise, that makes sense.
> That's not the point. XACT_XINFO_HAS_ORIGIN is about
> origin_lsn/timestamp, it doesn't have anything to do with the record
> origin (which is included in many more types of record than just
> commits).

Ok, I think I see. That's also why it wasn't incorporated into

I'll check which records can contain it and assign it in the
appropriate decoding calls. I'll follow up in a while with an updated

>> > Your test prints the origins from the transaction instead the changes -
>> > why?
>> I don't understand this part.
> Your test prints origin in commits - but changes can have individual
> origins.

I was completely unaware of that, so thankyou. I'll change the tests
to exercise that. Any preferences on the output format?


table public.origin_tbl: INSERT: id[integer]:6 data[text]:'from second
origin' -- origin:'some_origin' origin_lsn:'0/1234'


it's cluttered, but really I'm not sure there's a pretty way to pack
that in, and it's only test output.

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