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> As far as I can see all the other places have it assigned.

Ok, thanks. Not much need for a followup patch then, if you're not
using the test changes part.

>>table public.origin_tbl: INSERT: id[integer]:6 data[text]:'from second
>>origin' -- origin:'some_origin' origin_lsn:'0/1234'
>>it's cluttered, but really I'm not sure there's a pretty way to pack
>>that in, and it's only test output.
> I'm inclined not to commit this part - seems to add too much complications 
> for the amount of coverage. But please use it for testing.

It doesn't seem like this will be particularly vulnerable to
regressions or have new record types added that need a check for them.
I'd be inclined to add the info, but I have a higher tolerance for
verbosity than you ;)

I think it's worth adding a test for the change of origin mid-tx. I
had no idea that was even possible.

Testing forwarding of empty tx's is simple and should probably be there too.

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