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> Is pg_upgrade too hard to run?  Is no one really interested in it?

As an end-user, I'm very interested in pg_upgrade, but I think it's kind 
of a chicken and egg problem.

Without much of a guarantee that it's fail-safe, I'm not inclined to 
test it. As kind of a hamstrung DBA, I don't have a lot of time to do 
mock-upgrading of my postgres installations. I would imagine there are 
plenty of DBAs in the user community in this position: wanting a good 
upgrade utility but not having the time/inclination to do testing on 
what is available.

For commercial products, QA is usually internal. One of the slight 
drawbacks to the free software community is that more of the burden of 
QA is placed on the at-large community of users.

All this being said, if an outline were posted of what steps to take to 
test pg_upgrade and ensure that everything were working properly, I'd be 
more inclined to take the plunge. As it is, I'd have to do a fair amount 
of research on my own to make sure nothing broke. And that is the step I 
don't have time for.


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