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> On 10/22/15 4:42 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> the behave of pg_report_log should not be exactly same as RAISE
>> statement in PLpgSQL.
> That makes no sense to me. Having different behaviors is just going to
> lead to confusion.
> If this function will be exactly same, then it
>> lost a sense and anybody can use RAISE statement.
> It prevents everyone from reinventing the 'create a function wrapper
> around RAISE' wheel that several people on this list alone have admitted
> to. I think there's plenty of value in that.

I have different opinion, I am sorry. The RAISE statement is differently
designed with different possibility - the function is limited by using
variadic function, and should not to have same behave as RAISE. And I don't
like a idea to push RAISE to behave of variadic function.



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