On 2015-11-02 20:17:21 +0800, Craig Ringer wrote:
> I'd like to submit pglogical_output for inclusion in the 9.6 series as
> a contrib.


> See the README.md and DESIGN.md in the attached patch for details on
> the plugin. I will follow up with a summary in a separate mail, along
> with a few points I'd value input on or want to focus discussion on.

Sounds to me like at least a portion of this should be in sgml, either
in a separate contrib page or in the logical decoding section.

A quick readthrough didn't have a separate description of the
"sub-protocol" in which changes and such are encoded - I think we're
going to need that.

> I anticipate that I'll be following up with a few tweaks, but at this
> point the plugin is feature-complete, documented and substantially
> ready for inclusion as a contrib.

There's a bunch of changes that are hinted at in the files in various
places. Could you extract the ones you think need to be fixed before
integration see in some central place (or just an email)?



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