Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Probably the least messy way to fix this is to drop that #include and
>> instead use dummy declarations like "struct PlannerInfo;" and "struct
>> IndexPath;" here.  We could additionally dumb the amcostestimate
>> declaration down from using "Cost" and "Selectivity" to just saying
>> "double".

> I'm not a fan of this approach.  I'd rather split the executor headers
> in two, a leanone with the typedefs only and another with the actual
> struct definitions.  That way we have one very lean executor header that
> can be included everywhere (in headers and .c files that only pass the
> structs around), and a fat one that is only included by the executor .c
> files (and the few extra .c files that need access to the struct
> definitions).

> This would be similar in spirit to the htup.h / htup_details.h split.
> I think (almost?) all the headers that define nodes suffer from this
> disease and could be cured in the same way.

I follow your reasoning, but I don't particularly want to make this
patch wait on a large and invasive refactoring of existing headers.

As a down payment on this problem, maybe we could invent a new planner
header that provides just enough info to support amapi.h and fdwapi.h;
it looks like this would be "typedef struct PlannerInfo PlannerInfo;",
likewise for RelOptInfo, ForeignPath, and IndexPath, and real declarations
of Cost and Selectivity.  Not sure what to name the new header.


                        regards, tom lane

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