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> Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> I'm kind of inclined to just let the verifiers read the catalogs for
> >> themselves.  AFAICS, a loop around the results of SearchSysCacheList
> >> is not going to be significantly more code than what this patch does,
> >> and it avoids presuming that we know what the verifiers will wish to
> >> look at.
> > Hmm, so this amounts to saying the verifier can only run after the
> > catalog rows are written.  Is that okay?
> Why not?  Surely we are not interested in performance-optimizing for
> the case of a detectably incorrect CREATE OP CLASS command.
> I don't actually care that much about running the verifiers during
> CREATE/etc OP CLASS at all.  It's at least as important to be able
> to run them across the built-in opclasses, considering all the chances
> for human error in constructing those things.  Even in the ALTER OP CLASS
> case, the verifier would likely need to look at existing catalog rows as
> well as the new ones.  So basically, I see zero value in exposing CREATE/
> ALTER OP CLASS's internal working representation to the verifiers.

I'm OK with validating opclass directly by system catalog, i.e. looping
over SearchSysCacheList results. Teodor was telling me something similar
I'll also try to rearrange header according to the comments upthread.

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