Tom Lane wrote:
> Larry Rosenman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Please make sure that you can handle the situation of a IPv6 API, but no 
> > IPv6 stack.  (E.G. UnixWare up to at least 7.1.3).
> Certainly.  But that is just an autoconfiguration problem.  If a v6 IP
> address is available, we should bind to it.

We already do.  The issue is what way should we give admins to _fail_ if
IPv6 doesn't start.  Maybe just a postgresql.conf setting,
"exit_on_ipv6_failure" or something like that.  It unlinks the param to
the -i/tcpip_socket functionality.  However, it doesn't give us a way to
do IPv4 only if the server supports IPv6 too, or to do IPv6 only.

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