On 11/06/2015 03:38 PM, Andres Freund wrote:
While I saw an improvement for the 'synchronous_commit = on' case -
there is a small regression for 'off', using -M prepared + Unix Domain
Socket. If that is something that should be considered right now.

What tests where you running, in which order? I presume it's a read/write 
pgbench? What scale, shared buffers?

Scale is 3000, and shared buffer is 64Gb, effective is 160Gb.

Order was master/off -> master/on -> pinunpin/off -> pinunpin/on.

I right now can't see any reason sc on/off should be relevant for the patch. 
Could it be an artifact of the order you ran tests in?

I was puzzled too, hence the post.

Did you initdb between tests? Pgbench -i? Restart the database?

I didn't initdb / pgbench -i between the tests, so that it is likely it.

I'll redo.

Best regards,

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