On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 8:11 AM, Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> - I discovered that not setting PGPORT was causing some of the tests
>   that fail (using command_fails) to fail to test what was being tested.
>   The problem is that the command was failing with "could not connect to
>   server" instead of failing because of trying to cluster a nonexistant
>   table, etc.  Unfortunately the only way to verify this is by looking
>   at the regress_log_xxx_foobar file.  Not ideal, but not this patch's
>   fault.

Nice catch.

> - I changed the routines moved to PostgresNode so that they are instance
>   methods, i.e. $node->poll_until_query; also psql and
>   issues_query_like.  The latter also sets "local $PGPORT" so that the
>   command is run with the correct port.


> - It would be nice to have command_ok and command_fails in PostgresNode
>   too; that would remove the need for setting $ENV{PGPORT} but it's
>   possible to run commands outside a node too, so we'd need duplicates,
>   which would be worse.

I am fine to let it the way your patch does it. There are already many changes.

> - I removed the @active_nodes array, which is now unnecessary (per
>   above).

So that's basically replaced by @all_nodes.

> - I moved the "delete $ENV{PGxxx}" back to a BEGIN block in TestLib.
>   I did it because it's possible to write test scripts without
>   PostgresNode, and it's not nice to have those pick up the environment.
>   This still affects anything using PostgresNode because that one uses
>   TestLib.


> Finally, I ran perltidy on all the files, which strangely changed stuff
> that I didn't expect it to change.  I wonder if this is related to the
> perltidy version.  Do you see further changes if you run perltidy on the
> patched tree?

SimpleTee.pm shows some diffs, though it doesn't seem that this patch
should care about that. The rest is showing no diffs. And I have used
perltidy v20140711.

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