Michael Paquier wrote:

> Well, Alvaro has whispered me a more elegant method by using TestLib()
> to only import a portion of the routines and avoid the redefinition
> errors. Hence, patch 0001 attached creates equivalents of command_*
> for PostgresNode and tests use it without setting PGPORT. Patch 0002
> is a run of perltidy on the whole.

It seemed better to me to have the import list be empty, i.e. "use
TestLib ()" and then qualify the routine names inside PostgresNode,
instead of having to list the names of the routines to import, so I
pushed it that way after running the tests a few more times.

(Another option would be to have those routines be in EXPORT_OK instead
of EXPORT, but then every other user of TestLib would have to
explicitely declare that it wants those routines imported.  Maybe this
is a good change; if anyone wants to push for that, patches welcome.)

I didn't push the changed for config_default you requested a few
messages upthread; it's not clear to me how setting it to undef affects
the whole thing.  If setting it to undef makes the MSVC toolchain run
the tap tests in the default config, then I can do it; let's be clear
about what branch to backpatch this to.  Also the "1;" at the end of

Thanks for the patch.

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