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> As frustrated as I've sometimes been with those discussions, I do
> recognize that there has to be a middle ground, and that the emphasis
> on distributed costs has as much to do with fairness for every
> contributor as anything else. I would have appreciated some attempt to
> have quantified the overhead here, but would not have insisted on
> Robert being as thorough as he conceivably could have been.

Honestly, I really never thought of the issue of whether this would
push some structure over a power-of-two size.  It's not like either
Path or IndexPath have comments saying "for the love of heaven, don't
make this bigger".  This is in contrast to, say, PGXACT, where there
is a such a comment, because I knew it was an issue and I added a
comment explaining that issue.  Now maybe I should have foreseen the
objection anyway, but, you know, it's hard to foresee everything
somebody might object to.

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