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> On 2015-12-12 21:15:52 -0500, Robert Haas wrote:
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>> wrote:
>> > Here's two patches doing that. The first is an adaption of your
>> > constants patch, using an enum and also converting xlog.c's locks. The
>> > second is the separation into distinct tranches.
>> Personally, I prefer the #define approach to the enum, but I can live
>> with doing it this way.
> I think the lack needing to adjust the 'last defined' var is worth it...
>> Other than that, I think these patches look
>> good, although if it's OK with you I would like to make a pass over
>> the comments and the commit messages which seem to me that they could
>> benefit from a bit of editing (but not much substantive change).
> Sounds good to me. You'll then commit that?

Yes.  Done!

In terms of this project overall, NumLWLocks() now knows about only
four categories of stuff: fixed lwlocks, backend locks (proc.c),
replication slot locks, and locks needed by extensions.  I think it'd
probably be fine to move the backend locks into PGPROC directly, and
the replication slot locks into ReplicationSlot.  I don't know if that
will improve performance but it doesn't seem like it should regress
anything, though we should probably test that.  I'm not sure what to
do about extension-requested locks - maybe give those their own
tranche somehow?

I think we should also look at tranche-ifying the locks counted in
just the lock manager locks and the predicate lock manager locks.
That would get us to a place where every lock in the system has a
descriptive name, either via the tranche or because it's an
individually named lock, which sounds excellent.

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