On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, mlw wrote:

> I just wanted to post this note.
> I have been in Oracle hell for four days now, and in between the 5 
> minutes of work and the hours of watings, dealing with table spaces, 
> extents, and all that, I just keep thinking about how much easier 
> PostgreSQL is to work with.
> We all may bitch and moan about bugs and stuff, but my project would 
> have been easier with PostgreSQL.
> Has anyone ever noticed that Oracle has all these nice little arcane 
> ways to fail?


I was doing some work with a company. I wanted to introduce
Postgres. They're traditionally an oracle shop. "Our Oracle DBAs don't
know Postgres, we're going to have to employ *another* DBA". No they
don't. :-)

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