The Oracle system stops from time to time because of various arcane reasons. You get the error message, look it up on alltheweb.com, and fix it. The whole system is bogus. It DEMANDS a full time DBA. PostgreSQL does not.

I could be accused of being cynical here (gosh)... but I think thats the whole idea - (hook'em with product and leverage "consulting" or "expert dba"..). One could be excused for thinking that "its all about money".

<extra rant>
Once upon a time I did the Oracle 7.3 certification thing , however I subsequently I feel that I really dont *need* to buy into this "Dba Guild" mentality that the whole business seemed to be about (i.e. arcane little "need to know" things that trap all but the initiated... and of course certification is all about *being* the initiated...oh...and... maybe the exam fees help perpetuate this thing too...).
</extra rant>

Thanks to you guys for providing the opportunity to share this ;-)


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