Gavin Sherry wrote:
On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, mlw wrote:

I just wanted to post this note.

I have been in Oracle hell for four days now, and in between the 5 
minutes of work and the hours of watings, dealing with table spaces, 
extents, and all that, I just keep thinking about how much easier 
PostgreSQL is to work with.

We all may bitch and moan about bugs and stuff, but my project would 
have been easier with PostgreSQL.

Has anyone ever noticed that Oracle has all these nice little arcane 
ways to fail?


I was doing some work with a company. I wanted to introduce
Postgres. They're traditionally an oracle shop. "Our Oracle DBAs don't
know Postgres, we're going to have to employ *another* DBA". No they
don't. :-)
This is the truth, we have had an oracle box for two and a half years, we have had 4 PostgreSQL boxes with it. The Oracle system is on a 4 CPU Sun box. The PostgreSQL systems are on 2 CPU PIII boxes.

We had "certified oracle DBA"s setup the oracle box. I setup the PostgreSQL boxes.  The PostgreSQL boxes NEVER had an unscheduled interruption in service. The Oracle system stops from time to time because of various arcane reasons. You get the error message, look it up on, and fix it. The whole system is bogus. It DEMANDS a full time DBA. PostgreSQL does not.

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