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> Well, it is open source, so there's no reason why someone couldn't make
> these changes for 7.4 and also release a binary version in the mean time.
> I have a copy of a 7.2 psql binary for linux that that has some of the
> 7.3 psql improvments in it, sometimes it comes in very handy. I'd be
> interested in helping out with this, though Christopher would probably
> start throwing things at me if I volunteered :-)

I have strongly considered doing this, and even started on the project some 
time ago. (I've stopped now). At first I wanted to add 7.3 and 7.4 features 
to a 7.2 psql. Then I considered writing a master psql that could handle 
any backend. In the end, however, I realized that with 7.3 well out the door, 
it was better to encourage people to upgrade to 7.3 and spend my energies 
on other things. If there is still a strong interest however, I can easily 
help out and share what I have already done.

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