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> Is this very different from how it's done at present?

Yes. :)

I'd like to play Devil's Advocate a bit on the whole backward-compatible 
psql issue. First, I have not seen a lot of clamor for this sort of thing. 
Second, psql comes bundled with the project; you cannot build the 
postgresql binary without getting the latest and greatest psql installed 
as well. So it is not as if this is a standalone app that someone may not 
have the latest version of. Having a working version of psql is actually 
a prerequisite for releasing a new version of Postgres! Third, the changes 
from 7.2 to 7.3 in psql were fairly severe with the addition of schemas, 
and don't really lend themselves well to a rewrite to handle previous 
versions. I recall someone (Tom?) asked if anyone wanted to step up 
to the plate on making something like that some time ago, but nobody did.
Fourth, my custom version is an enhanced 7.2, not a compatible 7.3, 
so my existing work would not be too helpful in this case.

I'd support making psql 7.3 and forward be aware of the backend they 
are connecting to, and support them being able to work against all 7.3+ 
servers, but I still fail to see the pressing need for a backward-compatible 
version when the correct one is always shipped with the server. 

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