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Over the last few days we've had patches submitted for 7.2.3 that address a couple of things, both the WAL Recovery Bug that Tom has developed a patch for, and a couple of buffer overflows that have been widely reported.

Although we haven't wanted to release a 7.2.4, and have instead encouraged people to upgrade to 7.3.x, there are places out there who's applications aren't compatible with 7.3.x and would also need to upgrade them as well.

It might be a really good idea if we re-visit the thought of 7.2.4 and have something that people running the 7.2.x series can use safely until they are able to move to 7.3.x or above.

What would it take, and apart from patches for the buffer overflows and the WAL recovery bug, should anything else be included to ensure safety and stability?


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