Well, certainly the driver could parse the sql and extract what it
thinks is the table name.  It just seems quite foreign to me to have a
database engine go through the motions of determining column location
and have ready access to all the metadata for all the columns in a
resultset and then intentionally leave all that out of the FE/BE.  Now,
for us driver writers, if I have a select statement that has 20 columns
I will need to extract the tablename myself (and hope I got it right)
and then execute 20 separate queries to the database in order to
implement any type of schema generation.  I guess I don't understand
this when just a few extra bytes in the RowDescriptor message would have
fixed all this.


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> > When talking about expressions,views, or any other construct that
> > combine values from multiple tables I think it is reasonable to
> > null as the table name.  Any one or any process requesting the table
> > name has to understand that not all SQL parameters have a base table
> > name.  However, in the case where a single table is involved, table
> > schema names should be available.
> That seems quite pointless.  You hardly need the backend's help to
> determine which column belongs to which table in a single-table query.
> AFAICS this facility is only of interest if it does something useful
> in not-so-trivial cases.
>                       regards, tom lane
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