On 01/05/2016 08:04 AM, Amit Kapila wrote:
I am not aware of such cases, however the reason I have kept it was for
backward-compatability, but now I have removed it in the attached patch.

Apart from that, I have updated the docs to reflect the changes related
to new API's.


+ after allocating LWLocks, verify that the number of allocated
+                LWLocks is same as requested;

Did you mean to put this check in ?


+ * GetLWLockAddinTranche - returns the base address of LWLock from the
+ *             specified tranche.
+ *
+ * Caller needs to retrieve the requested number of LWLocks starting from
+ * the base lock address returned by this API.  This can be used for
+ * tranches that are requested by using RequestAddinLWLockTranche() API.
+ */
+LWLockPadded *
+GetLWLockAddinTranche(const char *tranche_name)

I understand why the signature is the way it is, but

LWLock *
GetLWLockAddinTranche(const char *tranche_name)

would be nicer to work with for extensions IMHO. Not likely worth the trouble though.

Thanks for working on this.

Best regards,

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