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On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 11:42 PM, Jim Nasby <jim.na...@bluetreble.com> wrote:
Right. Personally, I feel the TODO has pretty much outlived it's usefulness.
An issue tracker would make maintaining items like this a lot more
reasonable, but it certainly wouldn't be free.

Eh, a bug tracker that tracks actual bugs would be useful, I don't
think anyone would argue with that. A vague "issue" tracker that just
collects ideas people have had that seemed like a good idea at some
time in history would suffer exactly the same problem the TODO has.

I think one of the biggest hurdles people face is getting the community to agree that something is a desired feature. So if there was a list of things that the community had agreed would be good I think that itself would be useful. Even better if items had a rough outline of the work necessary.

Obviously that won't do too much for really big features. But if our experienced hackers focused less on coding and more on design and creating smaller tasks that people could work on, more people could potentially be put to work.

ISTM that the design work needs to be done and documented no matter what, so there shouldn't be much overhead there. The overhead would be in maintaining the tracker and making sure folks were actively getting stuff done. That can be done by a non-coder. That means it shouldn't really cost the community much in terms of current resources, as long as we attract new people to take on these new tasks.
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