On 1/8/16 9:07 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
Dunno about that.  While a CF manager doesn't necessarily have to have
a commit bit, I think he/she probably does have to be someone who is known
and respected on the -hackers list.  Otherwise, nagging to finish patches
is likely to be ignored or even counterproductive.

IMHO that touches on the core issue here. JD and anyone else can offer up all the resources under the sun, but *it's up to the community to decide to use them*. In this specific case, if the community agrees that someone that's not a code contributor will be the CFM for a specific CF then I think it would work fine. Short of that, your observation might be very accurate.

I feel a bit bad about some of the emails I've sent on this and related topics because it feels hand-wavy, but I don't know what else to do. I can promote these ideas that I think will be very helpful, but without a strong consensus in the community that it's desirable any efforts will probably fail.
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