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> On 01/10/2016 06:19 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
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> No arguments with what was written above.

+1. Very well written.

> If we had an "issue" tracker rather than a bug tracker, I'd expect a
>> lot more unproductive bickering.
> This I disagree with. It wouldn't be any worse than we have now. An issue
> tracker (if it is a good one) becomes the forum, whether you use an email
> or web interface. So expect at least as much banter as there is on lists
> but with a much easier management interface.
We can argue about if it's actually an easier management interface ;)

I'd agree with Robert in that it will cause some more such bickering -- but
only because the discussions become visible to a new group of people as
well. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But thinking that having such an
issue tracker is actually going to help *get rid of* the pointless part of
things is a nice dream, but just a dream. The only advantage I can see of
it is to increase the visibility of them.

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