On 2016/01/08 21:20, Rahila Syed wrote:
>> I suspect you need to create a new CF entry for this patch in CF 2016-01.
> Unless I am missing something, there seems to be no entry for this patch
> into CF 2016-01 page: https://commitfest.postgresql.org/8/.
> Regrettably, we have exceeded the deadline to add the patch into this
> commitfest. Is there still some way to add it to the commitfest 2016-01? As
> this feature has received lot of feedback in previous commitfest , adding
> it to this commitfest will surely help in progressing it in order to make
> it ready for PostgreSQL 9.6.

I see that the patch has been added to the CF.

I'm slightly concerned that the latest patch doesn't incorporate any
revisions to the original pgstat interface per Robert's comments in [1].



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