Hi Vinayak,

On 2016/01/25 20:58, Vinayak Pokale wrote:
> Hi,
> Please find attached updated patch with an updated interface.

Thanks for updating the patch.

> I added the below interface to update the
> scanned_heap_pages,scanned_index_pages and index_scan_count only.
> void pgstat_report_progress_scanned_pages(int num_of_int, uint32
> *progress_scanned_pages_param)

I think it's still the same interface with the names changed. IIRC, what
was suggested was to provide a way to not have to pass the entire array
for the update of a single member of it. Just pass the index of the
updated member and its new value. Maybe, something like:

void pgstat_progress_update_counter(int index, uint32 newval);

The above function would presumably update the value of
beentry.st_progress_counter[index] or something like that.


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