Remember how we made DEFERRABLE/DEFERRED not print if the constraint was
the default.  Shouldn't we do the same for MATCH and ON UPDATE/ON DELETE
sections of the constraint in pg_get_constraintdef()?

Doing \d I see:
        test=> \d sales
                  Table "public.sales"
              Column       |  Type   | Modifiers 
         product_id        | integer | not null
         store_id          | integer | not null
         quantity_sold     | integer | not null
         date_time_of_sale | date    | not null
        Foreign Key constraints: $1 FOREIGN KEY (product_id) REFERENCES
        products(product_id) ON UPDATE NO ACTION ON DELETE NO ACTION,
                                 $2 FOREIGN KEY (store_id) REFERENCES
        stores(store_id) ON UPDATE NO ACTION ON DELETE NO ACTION

If NO ACTION is the default, is there a need to print them?  This would
also shorten pg_dump output.

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