On 1/12/16 11:25 AM, Catalin Iacob wrote:
>The differentiation between Error and SPIError is wrong, because there isn't
>any difference in reality.
They're similar but not really the same thing. raise Error and
plpy.error are both ways to call ereport(ERROR, ...) while SPIError is
raised when coming back after calling into Postgres to execute SQL
that itself raises an error. Now indeed, that executed SQL raised an
error itself via another ereport(ERROR, ...) somewhere but that's a
different thing.

Why should they be different? An error is an error. You either want to trap a specific type of error or you don't. Having two completely different ways to do the same thing is just confusing.

IMHO the Error and Fatal classes should never have been committed, especially since they're undocumented. It's not the responsibility of this patch to remove them, but it certainly shouldn't dig the hole deeper.
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