On 1/21/16 4:57 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
It is not correct - outside PLPython you got a Error (PostgreSQL error
has not any classes), and isn't important the raising class (Error or
SPIError). Inside PL/Python you will got SPIError or successors (based
on SQLcode).

Right. The closest thing we have to error classes is SQLSTATE. If someone found a clever way to setup an exception inheritance tree[1] on that then maybe different exceptions would make sense. Short of that, I don't see it.

[1] There's a hierarchy to the SQL state codes, based on the first 2 characters. So if there was...

class connection_exception(spi_exception)
    str = 'Connection Exception'

class connection_does_not_exist(connection_exception)
    str = 'Connection Does Not Exist"


to map to the small set of errors below, maybe that would make sense. Obviously that would need to be auto-generated. It seems more trouble than it's worth though.

Section: Class 08 - Connection Exception

08000 E ERRCODE_CONNECTION_EXCEPTION connection_exception 08003 E ERRCODE_CONNECTION_DOES_NOT_EXIST connection_does_not_exist 08006 E ERRCODE_CONNECTION_FAILURE connection_failure 08001 E ERRCODE_SQLCLIENT_UNABLE_TO_ESTABLISH_SQLCONNECTION sqlclient_unable_to_establish_sqlconnection 08004 E ERRCODE_SQLSERVER_REJECTED_ESTABLISHMENT_OF_SQLCONNECTION sqlserver_rejected_establishment_of_sqlconnection 08007 E ERRCODE_TRANSACTION_RESOLUTION_UNKNOWN transaction_resolution_unknown 08P01 E ERRCODE_PROTOCOL_VIOLATION protocol_violation

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