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> Dave Page put up a new survey on the PostgreSQL portal page very 
> recently, " What would attract the most new PostgreSQL users?"
> Other interesting conclusions can be drawn from the results too, one of 
> which is that only about 2% of people are asking for more features, and 
> also that only about 2% are looking for better marketing.

I suspect the majority of those who responded are technical people who
despise marketing.  I also suspect that most people didn't answer the
question asked but instead said what they themselves most wanted.

But the only thing that will get many more users is much better
marketing.  If people don't hear about PostgreSQL, they will never even
think of using it.  I looked at the shelves of database books in
Blackwells in Oxford yesterday: lots on Oracle and Sql Server and DB and
several on MySQL.  There were 2 on Postgresql, and only one copy of

I'd be interested to know what the commercial PostgreSQL companies think
about it

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